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Feb. 24th, 2009

*knock knock* Is anybody out there?

Jul. 16th, 2008

i want to get ' the cake is a lie ' in super gansta ass flourishy letters tattooed on me.

that is all.

Beating the move

Since last time, I've been in to Dallas and gone to the water garden and seen a show which was not my usual cup of tea and watched an era and piece of time die. I walked half of downtown Dallas and decided I love to walk in the heat as long as I can smell the scent of water on hot pavement. I felt a calm understanding as to why hippies love Whole Foods. Marzipan filled croissants dusted with honey and almonds and powdered sugar kick ass. I also ate at my first Steak and Shake and was pleasantly surprised at how I can order two half shakes in one container for you and keep them separated. Genius.

I've also gone to Austin and soaked in the night life that I want to call my own. I saw and reveled in the amazingness of The Aggrolites, King Khan and The Shrines, The Strange Boys to name a few and bumped into Brendon Small on 6th street because Dethklok was in town for the Dethtour. And that is a story all in it's own. I also ran into a slough of friends from my little town where I reside and it was nice to hang out in a new surrounding as well as meet some new faces. I ate Kerby Lane and Magnolia's, no PF Chang's this time, and hit up a lavish outlet mall where I didn't buy jack shit except for some socks and a bra.

I'm also in a big transitional stage of my life I think. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the kind of person that's gonna give in ( in the end ) to the big settle down. A lot of my friends from home home up above the big 48 have gotten married or have bouncing baby whatevers. Holy crap, right? I never wanted to get married really. It's never interested me. Companionship, even in the long term, yes. Marriage? Not so much. And kids from 1 to 20 frighten me. I hate them. Honest to goodness, I detest the thought of having them. I'm too vain to believe the concept of birthing and rearing children. I like to believe I live too fast and hard to understand the concept of settling and raising a family and enjoying the fruit of that labor. But what else is there? I can travel to the ends of the world and experience all there is to be had, but will it amount to a sparkly eyed little monster who's attitude on life mimics my own? God,I hope so.

Well I suppose I can always just freeze myself until the times of a real utopia. Maybe then I won't be reliving our generations version of Vietnam; though I think our generation isn't focused on change like the one before us in that era. There are so many uncaring numb individuals that refuse to try to save the American Dream we have so maimed tortured and about to finally put to death.


May. 21st, 2008

Conventions.. are so fucking sexy. Not that makes any sense. But they are.

Also.. I live. I forgot why I stopped using this thing, but I suppose thats because I started using facebook and everyone I used to talk to here moved onto games and I started hustling and bustling around the world. Eitherway, suppose it was all for the best 'sides the fact here I am again cause I had deja vu and felt the need to talk on someone. But bwah. Happiness to the fact the account isn't closed.

Hi people. How you all?

Feb. 17th, 2007

Dallas was great and the Guns of Detroit did well. I'm so happy for Jessica but I can't help but feel a little pissed about Randal their lead singer. He's.. different to say the least. The bar was way spendy but it was really worth the trip because I hadn't seen Thomas since I moved from Alaska last Feb. We caught up on a lot of stuff and I'm just thrilled to see him doing so well, and even with a chill girlfriend now. We've ade some ramshackle plans and hopefully we'll see each other again this summer and maybe at the Nekromantix show in Dallas/Austin this April.

Andrew and I didn't hang out after their set and visited his dads house so we could drop off Clayton's Transmetropolitians to their dad and talk to him and Polly for a little bit. Then drove to Arlington which for some fucked up reason it was like 14 degrees ( ?! in Texas ) and I unfortunately didn't get to see Clayton's mom because by the time we got there it was 2 in the morning and they had gone to bed. I stayed up and watched a bunch of Metalocalypse and ended up crashing in Drews old room and envying the comic wall he's constructed. The drive back was long and when I got back I hung out at Niki and Matt's for a while and caught up on the events of the past day or two and headed to Clays. Needless to say, Idiocricy is well.. not one of those sorta movies I'd ever buy but it was a good watch. I'm more intrested in owning Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry and perhaps picking up The Departed and watching the new Robert Rodriguez / Quentin Tarantino double feature, Grindhouse and 300 when they come out. ...and probably Zodiac because I still have a soft spot for Jake.

and i took a shower and Clayton is bringing me food when he gets off work. And there's a show tomorrow. And.. yeah, stuff.


Oct. 24th, 2006


I really need to commit to something, I think.


Oct. 6th, 2006

I've been watching all of the seasons of futurama over again and I've come to the conclusion my favorite episodes are mostly the sad ones and from one particular season Episodes like: The Sting. Jurassic Bark. The Devil Hands Are Idle Playthings.

Season 4 rocked.

I can't wait until the new episodes come out on Comedy Central.

hmmm.. nice new episodes. Too bad Zap won't be back.

Oct. 2nd, 2006

So.. My week has consisted of:

- Dave almost breaking up with me

- (Because) I went out with Tracy and shaved her hair off, went to a bar and then to the kettle. [ which was like me showing up at home at 4am when I was supposed to bew home at 1. ]

- watched bellydancing hulahoooping.

- Met Clayton who is majoring in thew hisotry of comic books and got invited to a party.

- Went to a party where I met Bri again and got to know Clayton better.

- Almost got into a fight with some dumb aTm Mexican.

- was hugged by at least three gay men, none of which I knew.

- had an anime conversation.

- Had Pita Pit THREE times.

- Almost got thrown up on @ O'Bannons.

- Drove around a 'stolen' Cutlass for a few hours.

- Saw Jackass 2

- found out we're moving in this FRIDAY to our new apartment.

- took a lot of vinvin and got sort of sick.

- Drank some trashcan punch which was fucking amazing.

- Slept over Tracys and watched Aeon Flux.

- Had a conversation about taking human bones and making it into 'art.'

- Had a super fun weekend. yo